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SiteTrafficKing was founded with the fundamental goal of providing a new level of service, driving ultra premium, top-tier, targeted traffic for webmasters and online businesses ranging from start-ups to internationally recognized corporate organizations. This advancement in traffic delivery is made possible due to the investment made in optimizing one of the largest networks in the digital advertising domain.

With its headquarters in San Francisco, SiteTrafficKing is one of a number of web properties owned and managed exclusively by Six Sigma Investment Group (“SSIG”). Globally, the group has a presence in North America, Asia and Australia, maintaining a diverse portfolio which includes a strong focus and investment towards internet marketing and advertisement solutions for enterprises who seek to advance awareness of their products, events or services.

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Our Aim

One of the key elements to the success of any online venture is the ability to generate high volumes of targeted traffic. Since its inception, SiteTrafficKing has enabled internet entrepreneurs to alleviate the challenges involved in yielding significant traffic numbers with the objective of achieving an increased return on their investment. This is executed by delivering to its customers an advertising solution which is both highly effective and a low cost-per-view alternative to pay per click and other costly online marketing methods.

Our Guarantee

SiteTrafficKing’s premium system offers unique visitor traffic directly to your website and we guarantee that all traffic sent is 100% real human traffic with no software, bots, automatic hits, spam or gimmicks ever used. The geographically targeted visitors we feed to your website are in fact already searching the internet in the category of your product, service or event and thus not only are they more eager to view your content and stay onsite for a longer period, but are also more likely to convert. Our customers have confidence in our products and a significant number of clients trust our service and utilize it on a monthly basis.

Your Partner in Success

We aim to be a long term strategic partner for your business and help you achieve your traffic targets through our solid commitment to providing a superior quality product and outstanding customer service, far beyond that offered by any of our competitors. We deliver on our claims because our network is not only the largest but the best in the industry. Like to know more? Click on the START NOW link above to learn how each of our services can place you ahead of your competitors!

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