Why Your Alexa Ranking Matters

Alexa offers a lot of services, all of which aim to help in the business decisions you make online. It was initially founded in 1996 as an independent company, but the amount of promise that it showed enticed Amazon to purchase it and make it a subsidiary in 1999. Over 8.8 million people visit their website every month, with each visitor hoping to gain an insight about their own website and that of the competition. This is what Alexa does. Although they also offered web search services in the past, they have now concentrated on providing a quality web analytics service, providing users with visitor demographics, search traffic statistics, and other data related information. What draws even more people and businesses into their website however, is the Alexa ranking.

What is Alexa Ranking?

Alexa Ranking is essentially an indicator of popularity. The system has the ability to rank websites according to several pieces of data which is gathered from different tools and placed into its ranking algorithm. Important factors include the number of visitors accessing a particular website and the views that different pages receive, giving weight to visitors with the companies own toolbar (Alexa Toolbar) installed on their browsers. The lower the ranking, the more popular a website is said to be. The ranking is then simply presented on a chart updated daily and has proven to be a reliable tool enabling webmasters to visually see the performance of their website. What makes the Alexa ranking even more helpful is the fact that it allows you to rank your website against your direct competitors, helping you to see just how far ahead (or behind) your website is, permitting you to strategize more efficiently. A “Global Rank” indication displays beside the chart, numerically indicating your sites popularity based on statistical data over a three month average, giving you a fairly accurate reading of your current status and in broader terms – the movement of traffic and thus the authority of your website.

How Important is Your Alexa Ranking?

There are a number of reasons why it is important to increase Alexa Rank for your website.

  • Authority. It is an obvious fact that the more popular your website is seen to be, the more authority is given to your content, the views that you portray or the products/services you market. If you do indeed sell online, a higher Alexa Ranking instills confidence in potential customers who perceive your material to have higher status and quality than that offered by your competitors.
  • Advertising. Advertisers do their research and they do it well, which is a very good reason for you to increase Alexa Rank for your website. This is because Alexa shows advertisers just how much traffic goes through each of your pages and thus gives an indicator of the return that they can achieve by renting advertising space on “your property”.
  • Alexa’s Credibility. The online community trusts Alexa and its indicators and it’s the reason Amazon snapped it up. When you increase Alexa rank and possess a solid ranking this flows onto your business, enabling you to also gain and maintain a high level of credibility with the online community.
  • Increases Sites Net Value. If you have ever flipped, bought or sold internet properties, you know that one of the fundamental aspects checked during due diligence is the websites status on Alexa. Anyone looking to sell their online business will most certainly attain a higher appraisal value for the web property, when that property has a solid presence and Alexa Rank. On the flip side, buyers will naturally attribute a higher dollar value and will be willing to pay that extra bit to secure a business with a sound foundation on Alexa.

So How Do You Increase Your Alexa Ranking?

Now that the importance of your Alexa ranking has been established, the only way to move forward is to find out how to improve the numbers that affect how you rank. Here are some tips on how to improve your ranking.

  • Improve your content. What your website contains is the critical factor that makes people keep coming back for more. Making sure that your content remains relevant is a guaranteed way to gain the followers that you need and as more people visit your pages to see what you have to offer, your Alexa Ranking will continue to improve.
  • Optimize your website. SEO and other optimization practices also play a part in the Alexa algorithm, so keep your organic results in mind. As your website appears more frequently on the top results on search engines, it will also help increase your Alexa Ranking.
  • Buy Alexa traffic. Of course, the hard work you put in and the quality of your content will never be noticed if nobody is being led to your website to view it! This is where SiteTrafficKing.com can help. When you buy Alexa traffic through a legitimate provider like Site TrafficKing, you give your content the audience that it needs for it to generate the numbers that you are aiming for.

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