Putting up ads for other companies on your website may seem an easy enough way to add a new revenue stream to your own business. However, attracting new advertisers isn’t quite that simple, because companies looking for worthy ad space are just as discerning in selecting where they want to put their ads and banners. Here are some great ways to help you attract more advertisers and increase your revenue from ads on your website:

  • Join an affiliate program – This is one of the simplest means to help you get started with online advertising. Affiliate links are not technically advertisements, but they allow you to make money by helping promote somebody else’s product. Here, you earn a commission every time a user that you have referred makes a purchase. Affiliate programs however, use different payout options so be careful in selecting one that will best serve your business.
  • Use Google AdSense – This program helps you make money by placing Google-generated text ads on your web pages. They appear in rectangular boxes that run across the bottom or down the sides of the web page, denoted by the words, “Ads by Google.” They are paid for by businesses using AdWords, Google’s pay-per-click program. These targeted ads however, can sometimes actually create more competition for your own products and website because the ads can display similar products to those within your niche.
  • Utilize Direct Advertising – This method allows you to keep control of what advertisements and products appear on your webpage. For affiliate schemes, directly contacting websites to advertise their products is a great way to target businesses in the same market niche as yours, so if for instance, you own a bridal shop, approaching a local florist to offer an ad space for their wedding bouquets is a good way to network.
  • Make your website ad-worthy – No company wants to advertise on a website that does not attract significant traffic. The first step to attracting advertisers is attracting unique visitors, and you can do so by applying various online marketing strategies specifically designed for your website and business.