How effective is Twitter as a Marketing Platform?

Twitter is one of the most thriving social networks online. While some may see it as merely a platform for casual social interaction, those at the forefront of strategic business marketing find it to be an incredibly effective marketing solution. Twitter is a great means to send out instant public messages to an audience, whether your network is comprised of business partners, colleagues, or potential customers. With Twitter becoming an increasingly used online communication platform, its potential as a powerful marketing tool is undeniable.

Twitter is unique in that it only allows users to post short “tweets” of about 140 characters. These concise tweets, if used effectively, can spark interest and click through’s for the products, updates or news that your business is posting about. To this effect, the best way to incorporate updates into your Twitter posts is to add a link to the full content of your news or update. Knowing what kind of content will add value for your consumers and when to deliver this content will help you increase and grow your following.

Twitter is also a great learning tool for gaining an insight into how many of the over 3 million messages posted each day mention your company through the use of a dedicated search engine which lets you plug-in brand and company names, personal names, and topics. The site also helps you determine your buzz level and detect any negative comments people may say about you.

By far the most important aspect for businesses is the ability to use Twitter as a great platform for promoting products, sales, and specials. When posting promotions, remember to make it sound personal and conversational instead of making it appear like a straightforward advertisement, ensuring people respond more positively. This will enable you to create a character for your brand and give your brand a unique voice and personality. It is also a great place to channel customer service at a more personal level.

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