The trend of buying traffic is rapidly emerging for several reasons. Webmasters no longer have the patience to wait for months or even years to see visitors on their domains. They are also tired of their websites being constantly hammered by Google updates. Today, with so many factors at play to achieve SEO results, many question whether it is financially viable to continue optimization.

No longer is buying traffic frowned at—in fact, it is now considered the single best way to instantly increase web traffic. In thbis article, we explain why buying traffic is fast becoming an ideal complement to traditional SEO.

  1. It’s cheap. The best thing about buying traffic is that it allows you to start low. It’s possible to kick-start a campaign for under $100. This lets you dip your toes and see if your visitors are converting, then re-evaluate as you go along to get the maximum return on your investment. The amount of money you will spend buying traffic is significantly less than what you would have to shell out if you go the traditional SEO route, which can take years. Alternatively, many users advertise on Google which can also be expensive if not optimized correctly – with purchased traffic, you get instant results.
  1. It’s easy to scale. Once you have found a traffic provider and package that offers the best results and highest conversions, you can redirect more of your money to it and multiply your sales and conversion rates. This is not the case with traditional SEO, which requires you to spend weeks finding profitable keywords, months optimizing your content for it, and building many other websites to dominate your niche. Bought traffic is easier to scale.
  1. You never need to worry about competition. Trying to rank organically in Google means competing with so many big name websites. To buy traffic eliminates this stress. All you need to do is pay for visitors that are delivered directly to your website, guaranteed—it cannot be simpler than that.

While there is no such thing as ‘free traffic’, why not go ahead and buy paid traffic?