People may be quick to pass email as an old fashioned means of web communication, especially with the advent of different online programs and platforms that can do more than just send electronic messages. However, despite this, email remains to be one of the most powerful internet marketing tools for businesses. It is a familiar platform and is neither technical nor expensive. It is one of the best tools for higher lead conversions, amplified brand awareness, and increased sales for small to large businesses. Email marketing is also one of the most personal and well-targeted means to advertise a business and draw in consumers.

Email marketing is low cost. Not only is it cheap to implement and quick to disseminate, it also promises great returns for businesses. It is a simple strategy that is highly customizable, which means it can easily leverage branding with every piece of marketing copy sent out to your recipients. Email marketing also plays a significant role in building relationships with your customers, increasing leads, prospects, and interaction with existing or past clients. Furthermore it provides a means to speak to them directly – right in their personal inboxes, and at the time that is convenient for them, making it one of the most personable means to market a business.

Additionally, email marketing is very action-oriented. It is easier to add calls for action and encourage people to reply, click through, forward, buy, or sign-up through personal email messages, as they are very transactional in nature. More than this, email marketing is also widely measurable and it gives you the ability to track activity and progress, by identifying factors such as bounce and delivery rates, open rates, unsubscribe rates, and click through rates, thus giving you a big picture of how your email marketing campaign is performing and what you can do to make it better.