As of 2014, there are about 861 million active websites on the web, which only shows how fierce the competition is when it comes to content and traffic. In a sea of images, videos, social media exchanges, and all sorts of content, it is easy to see how challenging it can be to generate traffic into a website, especially with millions of other similar businesses competing for the same audience. It can be just as easy for a struggling website owner to feel overwhelmed by the competition. However, the key to attracting visitors and keeping their attention is creating experiences that add value to your target consumer’s web activity. Generating excellent content and using engaging tools to expand your reach and attract traffic are only some of the means to establish a strong digital community that converts. Here are other creative ways to improve your web traffic:

  • Optimize content. This goes for both the search engines and the people who use them—your target audience. To add content-rich key search words will help you earn the attention not only of popular search engines, but of people who are looking for your content. To add organic SEO techniques with other methods like social media marketing and paid tactics will help you maintain a good flow of traffic into your website.
  • Enhance social media presence. Social media outlets act as useful extensions of a business’ main website. It is through these platforms that you can maintain professionalism while being more accessible and engaging with consumers. Social media accounts help you promote content and build up your brands image while being active with your target consumers.
  • Turn to paid traffic. There are many types of paid traffic that you can use to boost your website’s overall popularity. There are PPC campaigns and social media advertisements, paid targeted traffic, and other tactics that help you generate more traffic for a price.