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SiteTrafficKing delivers High Quality Traffic directly to your Crypto Niche website without the expense, uncertainties and headaches of creating banners, graphical ads or PPC campaigns. Utilising Full Page Pop-Under Advertising, we provide Targeted Visitors that are guaranteed to land on your page. All users have a genuine interest & search history in Crypto Markets and are looking for ICO opportunities just like yours.




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Why use Crypto Advertising for your ICO?

  • Immediate Results – When you buy targeted Crypto/ICO traffic from SiteTrafficKing, you receive visitors and exposure today! No fine-tuning of PPC text ads, costly banner design or lengthy waiting times with SEO, our unique advertising strategy allows you to see results right away!
  • Affordable – Premium quality website traffic delivered from one of the largest Ad networks at significantly lower prices then over-inflated competitor prices!
  • Effective – Getting Crypto related traffic for my ICO made easy! Your website content is promoted to users from a Country or State of your choice and who are already searching the internet for new and exciting Crypto Markets, Initial Coin Offering opportunities and Crypto investments. These targeted acquisitions create powerful leads that can significantly increase your conversions and ICO success!
  • Guaranteed – Absolutely no guesswork on how to get targeted ICO traffic to your website. Unlike other advertising formats, every visitor you purchase with SiteTrafficKing is actually guaranteed to end up on your website as we provide a 100% Visitor Delivery Guarantee!
  • We Are the Best in the Industry – We promote your website on one of the largest Advertising networks providing targeted visitors of the highest quality coupled with our exceptional customer service and support!

Crypto Targeted Advertising Plans

TThe fundamentals are simple:

More Traffic = Increased Exposure = Greater ICO Success.



Starting your ICO journey can be a challenging process. With the number of ICO’s growing daily, SiteTrafficKing allows your ICO to stand out from the crowd. Boost exposure by steering high quality Crypto-Targeted users directly to your content!

So how exactly does it work? Our Targeted Crypto, Bitcoin, and ICO Website Traffic packages allow you to recieve quality Crypto Traffic through Full Page Pop-Under Advertising formats. These Ads are filtered and shown only to users on our network who have a recent and/or active search history in Bitcoin, Altcoin, Crypto Markets or ICO Investment Opportunities. By Targeting relevant users, your brand is able to boost its exposure and maximise the likelihood that the user will engage with your content, sign up to your service, or invest in your ICO. 

Features and Benefits

Target by Continent, Country, or US state in the Crypto/ICO Niche

Choose your preferred visitor delivery method - domain redirection, pop-unders, or a combination

Visitors come from our premium advertising network at no extra cost!

Capitalize on new leads from users with an interest in Crypto Markets

24hr unique IP, real human traffic

Increase time on site by targeting users already searching in Crypto

Improve conversion rates, sign ups and enjoy greater ICO success

Effective and affordable cost-per-visit advertising

Customizable campaign - pause, resume & control the rate of delivery!

Dedicated admin panel - track campaign progress in real time

100% visitor delivery guarantee or your money back

Outstanding customer support


50,000 Crypto/ICO Visitors

$699 $400

100,000 Crypto/ICO Visitors

$999 $650

250,000 Crypto/ICO Visitors

$1699 $1000

500,000 Crypto/ICO Visitors

$2399 $1650

1,000,000 Crypto/ICO Visitors

+ 50,000 FREE

$3499 $2500

2,000,000 Crypto/ICO Visitors

+ 100,000 FREE

$6499 $4500

5,000,000 Crypto/ICO Visitors

+ 200,000 FREE

$14999 $9500

** Custom Campaigns also Available.

Answers to Common Questions

What separates SiteTrafficKing from other Advertising Companies?

SiteTrafficKing is a well respected advertising company that has been in operation for several years. Throughout this time, we have continued to develop and reinvest in our Ad Network which has become synonymous with delivering high quality traffic which we are able to target based on the needs and requirements of our clients.

With the growth of the Crypto Market, and in particular companies offering ICO Token investment opportunities, we are successfully able to bridge the gap between targeting the right users with a genuine interest in the Crypto Industry to companies who may otherwise struggle to develop the exposure needed to successfully fund their ICO projects. By utilising Full-Page non intrusive Ad formats, coupled with our years of experience, we can deliver high quality leads at a fraction of competitor advertising prices.

Are all the visitors delivered to my website real?

SiteTrafficKing has invested heavily into its network capabilities and is able to offer our customers a premium quality service which only delivers 100% real human traffic who are not tricked in any way to view your page, nor do they originate from fake hits, bots, spam or any intrusive software. When you purchase traffic packages from us, you can be confident that each visitor we feed to your website is a quality lead for your business with an actual prospect of becoming your next client.

How can I track the progress of my campaign?

After your order is received, our campaign coordinators will create the login details to your Client Tracking Panel (CTP). From this panel, clients can view the details and have the ability to directly control several factors of their campaign, including the rate of visitor delivery.

Can you tell me about your Service Guarantee and Refund Policy?

At SiteTrafficKing, we are committed to providing a superior product and outstanding customer service. All Website Traffic Campaigns are risk-free and backed with a 100% Visitor Delivery Guarantee. If for whatever reason we cannot fulfill your order in terms of the number of visitors purchased we will provide a full refund on the portion not delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any Questions regarding our premium products or services? Refer to our extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the details of our plans.


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