Drive Traffic to Your Website

Driving Traffic is the number one challenge
faced by online businesses.

SiteTrafficKing has developed Three key “How To Guides” to educate entrepreneurs on the different methods and actionable strategies that can help you drive targeted traffic to your website.


There Are Several Ways To Increase Website Traffic.


SiteTrafficKing will examine each of these methods, both Free and Paid, so that you can implement the strategies that will best suit your business.


effective design

Having a simple uncluttered and logical design can dramatically improve user experience, while reducing bounce rates and increasing return visits.

Implement Search Optimization Techniques – meta titles & descriptions, a sitemap and a logical structure help visitors navigate through your site while making it more appealing.

Create an Impressive Landing Page – Aim to impress but keep it simple. Remember a photo or video can have a bigger impact than text! A “Call to Action” button is a must and keeping clicks to a minimum can further boost conversions.

Make your site Mobile Friendly – Mobile Traffic is increasing dramatically and optimizing your website to cater for these users can boost your traffic exponentially.

quality content

For those wanting to find out how to drive more traffic to your website – the answer lies in the quality of your content! Producing quality content helps build a loyal following and an overall trust of your brand.

Create Interesting Content for People, Not Search Engines – This will increase user engagement, time on site and the potential for content sharing, while avoiding any penalties from search engines!

Maintain a Blog that Addresses Your Niche –Writing articles that are informative & helpful to your users will also increase your authority in your industry. Remember to post frequently, keep your content interesting and make use of headlines built on the “how to..” model. Find out more on how to drive traffic to your blog here.

social networking

Social Networking can bring a significant amount of free traffic to your website while enabling you to interact and advertise to your followers.

Encourage Users to Follow – Ensure you include social buttons on your website so people can follow you. It is also a good idea to follow others in your niche as well as following your own followers which enables your messages to be propagated further down the chain.

Post Updates, Promotions & News on your Social Networks – This builds exposure of your brand and promotes click throughs to your website. Remember to also submit your content to sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit to further enhance your reach.

Time Your Posts! – Time your posts when your users are most engaged with social media. Obviously you don’t want to market to your followers when they are sleeping!

link building

Link Building can be Crucial to Driving Traffic – Focus on quality link building and avoid spamming! Interviews, guest blogs and commenting on other blogs and forums can create traffic for your site.

Join an Affiliate Network – Let others market your product or service and drive traffic for you. In return a share of your profit is typically provided to your affiliates.

Promoting Free Products or Services – Giveaways, contests or discounts can increase the traffic to your site and promote social sharing.

Consider Providing an eBook or Webinars – Providing users with valuable free information when they subscribe or sign up can help you market to these users in future, as well as instilling confidence in your brand and establishing a perceived authority in your niche.


Banner Ads Are A Simple Way To Boost Impressions For Your Brand
These Ads can be implemented on websites that the advertiser feels will be most suitable to their audience. However, the effectiveness of the Ad is directly related to its ability to attract the attention of the user, especially because there is likely to be other Ads on the very same page. To this effect, they may require the aid of a graphic designer to boost click through rates. The major disadvantage with these advertisements is that targeting is often very limited, thus impacting the quality of the visitor and the results that can be achieved.
When Implemented Correctly, PPC Can Be A Powerful Advertising Tool
Businesses asking “how do you drive traffic to your website” often begin with PPC. The Pay Per Click model can produce immediate results for businesses that can effectively optimize their advertisement. Nevertheless statistics show that internet users tend to ignore sponsored Ads in favour of organic results. Furthermore users must remember that they are paying for each and every click, even though they may not lead to any sales, potentially making this method extremely expensive extremely fast!
SEO Can Bring Significant Traffic To Your Website … That Is If You Rank On Page One
Every webmaster should aim to optimize their website. However professional SEO can be a costly investment and one that takes 6-18 months to show results. Fundamental to this task is keyword research, but this also means that your results are only limited to these exact words or phrases being typed into the search engine. The steep costs can often trap webmasters to seek cheaper alternatives through black hat companies which claim to get you traffic but more likely end up getting your business penalized.
Build A Quality Customer Email List & Promote To Your Subscribers
Email marketing can be very effective as users who click through to your site are doing so out of their interest in your offer creating a high potential for conversions. Don’t have a significant emailing list? SiteTrafficKing’s Targeted Email Marketing plans which allow you to promote your content to an interested audience targeted by the niche of your product.
Buying Visitors Can Be An Effective Way To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website
With this method, businesses purchase a set number of guaranteed visits alleviating the testing and guess work which accompanies other forms of advertising. Your Website or content is promoted directly in front of the users on our advertising network, targeted by the GEO location and the category of your product creating a powerful solution that aims to boost the potential for conversions.


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