Generate Website Traffic To Your Blog

Generating Traffic is the number one challenge
faced by bloggers today.

SiteTrafficKing has developed Three key “How To Guides” to educate entrepreneurs on the different methods and actionable strategies that can help you drive targeted traffic to your website.


There Are Numerous Ways To Generate Blog Traffic.


SiteTrafficKing will examine several methods and strategies that you can implement to boost your blog traffic.



First Impressions Count

Whether you like it or not visitors will generate an opinion about your content just by looking at the design of your page.

You should therefore seek to use this to your advantage by creating a user friendly, attractive design that ensures a positive experience leading to an increase in time-on-site, user engagement, comments and sharing of your thoughts and opinions.

Build for speed and ensure your store is mobile friendly! With Mobile usage growing exponentially, by catering for mobile traffic you ensure that you don’t loose these important visitors.


Stuck On How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog?

Blog Content starts with research. Strategize and take in to account what’s trendy, newsworthy and what topics go viral. Keyword research tools such as Adwords Free Keyword Planner can also help get an insight into what people are searching for.

Take your time writing headlines as these grab the reader’s attention! Utilize eye catching images, info-graphics or videos to supplement your message and boost click throughs.

Retaining reader attention however, is dependent on the quality of your content! Statistics show that writing articles that teach and help people overcome hurdles in your niche tend to be the most popular. This in turn builds goodwill, trust and confidence in your opinions that can help convert your visitors to paying customers.


Strengthen Your Brand and Build A Loyal Audience

Social Networking is fundamental to your online success. Ensure you make it easy for readers to share your content with social buttons implemented and comments enabled. Follow your followers to gain valuable marketing insights and build your interaction.

Post, tweet and retweet regularly. This will promote viral sharing, provide vital exposure of your brand and display authority in your niche to your readers. Submit your articles to StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit to further enhance your reach.Track your visits and examine your analytics. Timing your posts on social media is vital. Typically posting on weekdays just after lunch time works best!

Don’t have a strong following on social media? SiteTrafficKing can help.


Simple SEO Tips On How To Generate Traffic To Your Site

Include your keywords. When writing blog content ensure you include phrases gained through your keyword research. Whilst this is important, maintain a mindset of writing content for the viewer and not the search engine. Ensure your articles are easily read and make sense without keyword stuffing!

Check what keywords your competitors use! To do this, simply view the code to your competitors page (right click -> inspect element) and look in the < head > section, otherwise you can use tools such as the moz toolbar.

Utilize Free SEO Plugins. Majority of blogs today are built on the simple but powerful CMS – WordPress. There are several excellent SEO plugins available that can help your content get noticed. Ensure your pages have Meta Titles and Descriptions and utilize proper Headings. Try to keep keywords on the top of your page. Utilize descriptive keywords in your URLs. Create a Sitemap and implement Breadcrumbs.


More Tips & Tricks

With patience, a combination of the all these strategies will help get you noticed and create a natural flow of Visitors to your website and blog. If you still struggle and wonder how to generate traffic to your site – below are some further ways to help get you results!

  • Interact/comment in forums, Facebook groups, blogs, Q&A platforms in your niche
  • Research and understand what your competitors are doing
  • Interview other influential figures in your niche
  • Start your headings with “How to..”
  • Use Lists in your blog
  • Utilize RSS Feeds
  • Host webinars

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