Champ is an ENTREPRENEUR. He has great content but struggles to get visitors to his website.

After various SEO, PPC and other fruitless campaigns – his statistics, conversions and revenue are not where they should be.

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Champ found the


“SiteTrafficKing was founded with the fundamental goal of providing a new level of premium services to drive targeted traffic for webmasters and online businesses.”

So now Champ can market his website to a TARGETED AUDIENCE eager to view his content!



…and the results?

How It Works…

SiteTrafficKing operates an


with access to thousands of quality website properties and expired domains in a vast array of specialized niches.

Every day this network of websites is visited by MILLIONS of UNIQUE INTERNET USERS from around the world who are searching the net for a product, service or event just like yours. Our advanced system categorizes these visitors based on the NICHE they searched for, the COUNTRY they searched from, along with several other DEMOGRAPHICAL ATTRIBUTES.

All these options are then made available for YOU to SELECT in your traffic campaign. This highly targeted approach ensures that the visitors we feed to your website have a strong and GENUINE INTEREST in what you offer, which increases the probability of CONVERSIONS and SALES.

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How do the visitors end up on my website?

This is achieved through our unique delivery method consisting of FIVE STRATEGIES.

These strategies do not require banners, keywords or any form of textual advertising, which makes our method one of the most COST EFFECTIVE ways of gaining GUARANTEED VISITORS to your website. Best of all, we allow you to choose which strategy you wish to employ on your campaign to gain the MAXIMUM RESULTS!

Our Strategies

Domain Redirection

Domain Redirection is a form of advertisement were your website is presented to a user who is currently searching for or clicks on a relevant link to your niche, on one of the domains in our extensive network of web properties. This is a highly effective strategy as your website will appear in the visitors web browser matched directly with the category, product or service that the visitor was searching for.

Full Page Pop Under

A pop-under is a form of advertisement with a similar concept to a pop up, however it is significantly more successful as it does not interrupt or present an annoyance to the user during their browsing experience. This method merely displays a full page advertisement of your website to visitors already searching in your niche which sits neatly behind the window the user is currently in, waiting to be viewed.

Interstitial Ads

An Interstitial Ad is a full page advertisement which enables us to display your website to visitors searching in your niche between two content pages. This is a proven method which focuses the users attention to the advertisement without being intrusive, as it occurs during the natural progression of a user’s movement from one page to another and could be compared to a commercial on television.


Two different combination strategies are available which utilize a mixture of the above techniques, enabling you to gain maximum results by diversifying the advertisement strategy.

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