Increase Traffic To Your Online Store

Increasing Traffic is the number one challenge
faced by online stores.

SiteTrafficKing has developed Three key “How To Guides” to educate entrepreneurs on the different methods and actionable strategies that can help you increase targeted traffic to your website.


There Are Many Ways To Increase Website Traffic.


SiteTrafficKing will explore the fundamental methods, so that you can implement these strategies and put the question – 

how do I increase my website traffic, to rest.

Effective web design is important, but when it comes to running an online store, its crucial!
In fact, for many online stores, your customers will manifest an idea about the quality of your products by the look and feel of your site. By having an attractive store front, you directly influence your conversion potential. Whilst web design can be fairly expensive, it often proves to be a valuable investment. For those starting up or on a tight budget – look at building your online store based on templates or themes, such as those offered for popular CMS platforms like WordPress. Build for speed and ensure your store is mobile friendly! With Mobile usage growing exponentially, many users are now shopping via their smartphones so it is imperative to create a mobile friendly interface to cater for these visitors. Look at other major online brands for guidance and ideas on store designs and layouts – note how they display and market their products. Categorize and make the storefront flow logically to aid user experience. Implement popular payment methods and avoid adding extra charges (like shipping) late in the checkout process as this can aggravate the customer. If you collect payment data, ensure you have a valid SSL security certificate which will increase the users trust in your website.
The Power Of Social Media
If you have ever asked how can I improve my website traffic, then most probably you haven’t taken full advantage of social media. Social Media can be a powerful marketing and advertising platform for your business, best of all you can achieve excellent results for free. Begin by creating accounts on all major social networking channels, the more social platforms you utilize the more potential viewers your content will be exposed to. Post photos of new items, popular ones and those on sale. Interact with your customers, send newsletters and promotion details. Increase new visits by rewarding existing customers who refer their friends and family, with discounts or other special offers.
Optimize Your Store
Optimizing an online store begins with keyword research. Make use of Adwords Keyword planner and choose phrases that are descriptive but try to focus your efforts on long tail keywords and phrases as these will be significantly easier to rank. See what keywords your main competitors are using to gauge their strategy. Viewing the code to your competitors page (right click -> inspect element) and looking at the < head > meta section will allow you to do this, otherwise you can use tools such as the moz toolbar. As always, categorize and keep URLs neat, utilize free SEO plugins and ensure your pages have meta titles, descriptions and utilize proper Headings. Create a Sitemap, implement Breadcrumbs, submit your store to online directories and start a blog!
Content is King
Ensure you provide accurate and well written descriptions of your products. Allow customers to create sharable wish lists and gift registries that improve user experience and bring in new clients. If you offer free shipping or have a promotion - make this known with bold or colored text in direct view of your visitors. Upselling is ok, but don’t abuse it as you may lose your potential client. Make use of high quality images without clutter. Display your most popular products or those in high demand on your main page to attract and encourage your customers to want to explore further. Videos can often be an excellent way to show the functions of your products, how they work and how they can benefit your customers. In fact today, most buyers will typically do some research before purchasing just about anything on or offline so depending on your niche, video reviews or demonstrations can be an effective method to help sell your products and spread the word about what you have to offer.

Get Noticed

Find influential figures in your niche on social media or blogs and inquire if you can send them a free sample to review. Their positive feedback can promote your products to thousands of their followers that can ultimately bring you traffic and sales.

If your product is suitable run an affiliate network and allow others to boost traffic and sales for your site in exchange for a portion of your profit. While this may seem counter intuitive at first, remember that some affiliates are experts at marketing and may bring you revenue that you otherwise would never have had!

To help market your brand and build influence in your niche, create a blog and post on it regularly. Blog posts can improve SEO and provide more traffic. Make it easy for user to interact, comment and share your brand with others by adding social buttons next to your posts.


How Can I Improve My Website Traffic? Buy Website Traffic!

Increasing website traffic is crucial to the success of an online business due to the simple fact that a business not attracting visitors is bound to lose its way in the vastness of the web and risks being buried in the depths of the internet unable to be found and retrieved, even with a significant investment and a first class design.

If you still find it difficult to gain quality visitors to your online store, SiteTrafficKing allows you to buy web traffic that is guaranteed to be delivered. Our targeted website visitors are filtered by several factors, including any Country or US State and by over 350 unique niches corresponding to your products.

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