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Boost your websites popularity with the global benchmark in online ranking statistics - Alexa

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5,000 Alexa Visitors


10,000 Alexa Visitors


20,000 Alexa Visitors


50,000 Alexa Visitors


100,000 Alexa Visitors


200,000 Alexa Visitors


250,000 Alexa Visitors


Answers to Common Questions

What is the difference between Alexa Traffic and the Alexa Boost package?

Alexa Traffic campaigns have all the benefits of regular Website Traffic campaigns, allowing you to order a set number of Visitors to your website, with the added function of dramatically improving your Alexa Ranking. Customers have previously achieved Alexa Rankings in the Top 9,999 using this method, depending on your chosen plan and current Alexa Rank.

The Alexa Booster package is designed to achieve a Guaranteed Alexa Ranking rather than delivering a set number of Guaranteed Visitors. This package is ideal for those customers whose main objective is to improve their Alexa Rank without any targeting options as Alexa Visitors from this package are delivered in a different way to regular traffic campaigns. Customers are Guaranteed to achieve an “Alexa Daily Chart Ranking” in the Top 10,000 – 29,999 when ordering the 30 Day Package. For those customers wishing to maintain their “Global Alexa Ranking” in the top 10,000 – 29,999, you will need to select the 90 Day Package to match Alexa’s 3 month calculation algorithm.

Are all the Alexa Visitors delivered to my website real?

SiteTrafficKing has invested heavily into its network capabilities and is able to offer our customers a premium quality service which only delivers 100% real human Alexa traffic, all with the Alexa Toolbar installed on their browsers, and who are not tricked in any way to view your page, nor do they originate from fake hits, bots, spam or any intrusive software. When you purchase Alexa Traffic packages from us, you can be confident that each visitor we feed to your website is a quality lead for your business with the benefit of increasing your Alexa Ranking.

How long does it take to see a difference in my Alexa Ranking?

This is largely related to your websites current ranking; therefore a website which is already ranked with Alexa will notice results sooner than one which is not. Normally however, clients notice a dramatic difference in rank within 1-2 week and sometimes in as little as 48 hours of starting their campaign.

Can you tell me about your Service Guarantee and Refund Policy?

At SiteTrafficKing, we are committed to providing a superior product and outstanding customer service. Our Alexa Packages are risk-free and backed with a 100% Visitor Delivery Guarantee for Alexa Traffic campaigns and a 100% Ranking Guarantee for our Alexa Booster Package. In the very unlikely event that we cannot fulfill your order we will provide a full refund on the portion not delivered.

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