Targeted Email Marketing

Targeted Email Marketing

Market on a Global Scale

Advance your Reach

Surpass your Competition!

Features and Benefits

Instantly market your product or service to millions of potential clients

Target recipients by country, niche and various other demographics

Improve conversion rates, sales and achieve a greater ROI

Capitalize on new opportunities in markets of your choice

100% spam free - all recipients show interest in your niche and opt in to receive the material

Track your campaign with real statistics on delivery status and click through rates

100% valid email delivery and minimum 3% click through guarantee

Outstanding customer support

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Answers to Common Questions

How do Email Marketing campaigns work?

SiteTrafficKing gains its reputable email lists through the various newsletters that we manage for a wide range of companies who grant us access to their email lists for marketing, as well as the newsletters which are available for users to subscribe to on our premium network of specialized websites. These websites target a vast array of industries and niches which are accessed by millions of internet users every day. The visitors who wish to gain more information and receive advertisements about a certain topic opt in to receive information via email at their own will and are not enticed in any way to do so. During your campaign, you are able to choose from our wide selection of categories that correspond to your niche, your targeted geographical location and input the content describing your service, thus ensuring that each potential email recipient is a quality lead for your business, service or product. All emails are 100% verified, triple opt-in, spam free lists which are safe and guaranteed!

Are all the email recipients real?

SiteTrafficKing has invested heavily into its operations and network capabilities which enables us to provide our clients with a premium service that ensures the quality of our products. Our Email Marketing campaigns achieve some of the highest results in terms of Click Through Rates in the industry. All our emails are 100% verified, triple opt-in, spam free lists sent to real people who have agreed to receive marketing material about your niche. We do not saturate our recipient’s inbox with similar offers and all email addresses are fully responsive.

How can I track the progress of my campaign?

After your order is received, our campaign coordinators will create the login details to your Client Tracking Panel (CTP). From this panel, clients can input the content and setup their campaigns as well as track the progress of email deliveries and click through rates.

Can you tell me more about your Service Guarantee and Refund Policy?

At SiteTrafficKing, we are committed to providing a superior product and outstanding customer service. All purchases are risk-free.

We are so confident in the quality of our email campaigns that not only do we Guarantee that the number of emails purchased will all be delivered to valid addresses but we also guarantee a Minimum 3% Click Through Rate! If for whatever reason this figure is not reached, we will continue your campaign until the 3% quota is met.

Frequently Asked Questions

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