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Why Buy Guaranteed Website Traffic and Sign Ups?

  • Highly Targeted – Target by a range of options including Gender and Geo-location including AUS, CAN, UK or USA!
  • Ultra-Fast Delivery – Our targeted approach ensures you start receiving sign-ups in just days!
  • Affordable Pricing – Get quality leads from under $2.00 for each Guaranteed Sign-Up and lead we send you!
  • High Quality Leads – We target users who have genuine interest in your program ensuring click through rates to your website are from legitimate leads who are enticed by your offering purely and only out of the merits of your offer!
  • Guaranteed Results – SiteTrafficKing will provide guaranteed traffic to your website which we guarantee will lead to a valid sign up to your offer or business opportunity!
  • Best in the Business We provide hundreds of high quality, valid credential sign-ups every month, sourced from genuine users through our premium advertising network providing huge marketing and future sales potential!

Guaranteed Sign Up Plans

WWithout Traffic, online businesses cannot Profit! Whether you promote an affiliate scheme or offer a program to make money online, getting targeted traffic to your website to fulfil sign ups can be a challenging task given the competitive nature of any internet business. So how can SiteTrafficKing help you overcome this challenge and enable you to gain quality sign ups?

Our Sign Up packages not only ensure you receive guaranteed visitors to your website, we also guarantee that these visits will convert into sign-ups for your offer! Yes We GUARANTEE IT!

When you buy guaranteed website traffic and signup packages, you are able to input a description of your program which we use to advertise to targeted users who have shown an interest in those exact offers! The users on our networks are not forced in any way to click on your Ad, and do so based only on their genuine interest in your service, ensuring you receive high quality leads and sign ups that can dramatically boost your business!

Features and Benefits

Guaranteed Sign Ups for your Affiliate Marketing Program or Offer

Ultra fast delivery! Rush orders complete in as little as 7 days

Increase leads and the potential for subsequent sales

100% valid credentials or free replacement guarantee

100% real, unsolicited sign-ups - users have a genuine interest in your product or subscription

Dedicated admin panel - track campaign progress in real time

100% Sign Up delivery guarantee or your money back

Outstanding customer support

Pricing Details

25 Sign Ups


$ 100

50 Sign Ups


$ 180

100 Sign Ups


$ 300

200 Sign Ups



25 Sign Ups


$ 120

50 Sign Ups


$ 200

100 Sign Ups



200 Sign Ups



**Target by Gender and Geo Location**

Answers to Common Questions

How do Guaranteed Sign-up campaigns work?

SiteTrafficKing utilizes a premium network of specialized websites and expired domain names each targeting a vast array of industries and niches. Every day millions of internet users access these sites whilst searching for a specific topic, product or service. If the user’s search criteria coincides with the type of business opportunity or program you are providing, a link or banner is displayed with a brief description of your offer. If the user is interested in your service, they click on the link directing them to your website to learn more and if they have a genuine interest in your offer they sign up. This technique ensures that you only receive leads of the highest quality who choose to sign up for your service based on the merit of your offer.

Your campaign will start within 12-48 hours and is usually complete within 30 days. Priority Orders take 10-14 days with the majority complete in only 7 days.

Are all the leads delivered to my website real?

SiteTrafficKing has invested heavily into its network capabilities and operations. When you purchase traffic packages from us, you can be confident that the visitors delivered to your website and those who sign up for your service are 100% real human visitors who have done so on the merits of your offer and have not been enticed, tricked or paid to do so.

What are the requirements of my offer?

Website must meet the following criteria for the Sign-Up campaign to be approved:

  • The sign up process must be prominent to the visitor on the landing page;
  • The sign up section must be a simple one page process;
  • The sign up must be an offer free to join or free to receive more information (you may market or upsell to a customer down the track but as our script tracks the progress of a sign up for proof of delivery, we refuse to hold users financial information); and/or
  • The product should be related to a Work-From-Home Business Opportunity, Network Marketing, MLM or a Generating Income service.
Can you tell me about your Service Guarantee and Refund Policy?

At SiteTrafficKing, we are committed to providing a superior product and outstanding customer service. All purchases are risk-free and we not only Guarantee that the number of Sign Ups ordered will be delivered but we also Guarantee the quality of the Sign Up! We are so confident in our service that in the unlikely scenario that an email provided during the sign up process is invalid, we will provide a replacement sign up absolutely free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any Questions regarding our premium products or services? Refer to our extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the details of our plans.


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