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Why Purchase Targeted Traffic?

  • Fast Results – Unlike other advertising methods such as SEO which can take months or years to implement, our system allows you to see results in just days!
  • Highly Affordable – Prices from only $2.90 for 1,000 Niche Targeted, motivated visitors delivered from our premium advertising network at no additional cost!
  • Incredibly Effective – You set your targeting options and we advertise your website to those visitors who meet those targets! In many cases the visitors we deliver to your website were actually searching for the exact service or product you are offering!
  • Risk Free – Purchase targeted traffic with confidence – when you buy traffic to website through our company, every visitor that you purchase is guaranteed to end up on your website!
  • Best in the industry – We operate one of the largest advertising networks which can help your business achieve an increased ROI!

Worldwide Website Traffic Plans

TTraffic is vital to any online business. Having unique and engaging content lays the foundation for any online venture but without significant traffic visiting your website, your ability to turn a profit is virtually non-existent. So how can buying traffic for your website work for you?

Our Worldwide Website Traffic packages allow you to target your campaign by the category and niche associated with your product or service enabling you to receive visitors and exposure from a global audience. These plans are ideal for businesses that trade outside specific markets and do not require a specific geographic target.

SiteTrafficKing continuously invests in optimizing our premium advertising network and in technology that only attempts to promote your website to users with a similar interest to your content, which makes buying traffic for your website a highly lucrative strategy for your business to advertise and build awareness for your products. 

Features and Benefits

Ideal for building worldwide brand awareness

Select from over 350 specialized categories and niches

Visitors come from our premium advertising network at no extra cost!

Capitalize on new opportunities in markets across the world

24hr unique IP, real human traffic - no spam bots ever used!

Customizable campaign - pause, resume & control the rate of delivery!

Dedicated admin panel - track campaign progress in real time

Effective and affordable cost-per-visit advertising

100% visitor delivery guarantee or your money back

Outstanding customer support

Pricing Details

20,000 Worldwide Visitors


50,000 Worldwide Visitors


100,000 Worldwide Visitors


200,000 Worldwide Visitors


250,000 Worldwide Visitors


500,000 Worldwide Visitors

+ 50,000 FREE


1,000,000 Worldwide Visitors

+ 100,000 FREE


Seeking a more Targeted Campaign ?

Answers to Common Questions

What is the difference between Worldwide Traffic and Targeted Traffic?

Worldwide Traffic campaigns enable you to advertise your brand on a global scale within your chosen Category, rather than targeting a specific Country. It is an affordable way to gain thousands of visitors to your website and ideal for any business operating outside specific markets.

Targeted Traffic campaigns are premium services that not only allow you to define a Category, but also allow you to select the Country where you would like your visitors to come from. This produces a powerful mechanism enabling you to target a precise market which may lead to increased conversions and increased sales. Furthermore, Targeted Traffic campaigns also allow you to choose many other unique options such as defining the preferred Advertisement Strategy for delivering your content to your visitors.

Are all the visitors delivered to my website real?

SiteTrafficKing has invested heavily into its network capabilities and is able to offer our customers a premium quality service which only delivers 100% real human traffic who are not tricked in any way to view your page, nor do they originate from fake hits, bots, spam or any intrusive software. When you purchase traffic packages from us, you can be confident that each visitor we feed to your website is a quality lead for your business with an actual prospect of becoming your next client.

How can I track the progress of my campaign?

After your order is received, our campaign coordinators will create the login details to your Client Tracking Panel (CTP). From this panel, clients can view the details and have the ability to directly control several factors of their campaign, including the rate of visitor delivery.

Can you tell me about your Service Guarantee and Refund Policy?

At SiteTrafficKing, we are committed to providing a superior product and outstanding customer service. All Website Traffic Campaigns are risk-free and backed with a 100% Visitor Delivery Guarantee. If for whatever reason we cannot fulfill your order in terms of the number of visitors purchased we will provide a full refund on the portion not delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any Questions regarding our premium products or services? Refer to our extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the details of our plans.


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