Special Offers & Promotions

Special Offer #1

Save 50% on Upfront ICO Pricing

Our 50/50 payment option allows ICO companies to gain High Quality Targeted Users directly to their websites through our Guaranteed advertising at 50% OFF the upfront cost. How does it work? The service can be purchased for only 50% of the regular price in USD/ETH/BTC with the remaining 50% in equivalent tokens of the ICO.

Terms of the Offer

  1. Only applicable to packages over 250,000 Visitors
  2. Your ICO token must be ERC20 compliant and instantly transferrable
  3. A bonus of x2 will be applied to the token rate to hedge against the volatility in crypto markets as well as the initial cost in advertising your service

Have any questions or like to learn more? Simply fill out the form to the right and one of our Crypto/ICO Account Reps will contact you shortly.


Special Offer #2

Extra 10% of the total visitors purchased FREE !

Receive an extra +10% in visitor numbers when you purchase selected website traffic packages. For example, if you purchase the 500,000 Targeted Website Traffic plan, you will receive an extra + 50,000 visitors FREE!

Special Offer #3

$100 OFF Guaranteed Sign-Up Packages!

Limited time offer – Receive up to $100 OFF selected Guaranteed Sign-up packages!