Top Tips to Help you Convert your Traffic

Many online businesses dedicate a huge portion of their budget to advertising online. However, increasing quality website traffic is not an easy task. Whilst, there are a number of options available when it comes to online advertising, all options vary in the level of research and effort required to achieve the desired result and drive targeted traffic to your website. When you weigh up the cost of each technique with the result it produces, some of the advertising options become obsolete and for many businesses, the investment in time, money and resources may not be available.

This is where SiteTrafficKing comes in. Our company has developed products which alleviate the problems advertisers face with other online advertising methods such as PPC, banner, textual ads and SEO. SiteTrafficKing provides proven cost effective ways allowing businesses to increase targeted traffic to your website by allowing you to buy targeted website traffic in bulk, with guaranteed visitor delivery.

In this article we will examine some fundamental ways and effective strategies which can be easily implemented to ensure that once your visitors do arrive, they remain engaged, allowing you to get the most out of your advertising campaigns.

  • Create an effective landing page – Humans actually have an incredibly short attention span and to counter this, we encourage you to build a landing page around a concept we like to call: “Impressively Simple”. Ensure you have a clear concise message that describes your product or service and a visible call to action button!
  • Pictures speak louder than words – Investing in professional stock images can do wonders in grabbing the attention of your visitors and keeping them interested.
  • Tailor your content – Content plays an important role in keeping the user engaged. Remember to focus on quality over quantity as most internet users will not read more and a few paragraphs before scrolling further or exiting your site! We recommend keeping your content relevant, concise and to the point.
  • Create unique pages – Ensure your conversion flow is optimized and remains attractive to your visitors. In general, the lower the number of clicks required to convert your customers, the higher your conversions will be. This reduces the chance of your customer reading or viewing something which makes them think twice about purchasing your product.
  • Adding Interactive video – A short engaging video describing your products and services and how it can help your customers can create higher conversions than all the text on your website. Try to share or add some interactive videos on your website.
  • A/B Testing – This allows you to check which pages produce better conversions so you can focus your traffic to the pages that work better than others.
  • Social media– Once you have the traffic, ensure you encourage your visitors to follow you on social media. This will allow you to connect and market to your followers in future, leading to an increase in customer lifetime value.

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